Contour radiosurgery – Fundamentally new technology of treatment.

There is a new idea of treating oncological diseases by deprivation of blood supply of tumor cells which has been popular in medical circles for a long time. It is possible to fulfill this idea by the method of radiosurgery on our installation.

Owing to accurate proton beam and the possibility of conducting it precisely our therapeutic complex allows irradiating the tumor in a fundamentally new way which we decided to call “contour radiosurgery”.

Radiosurgery is a common name for such method of irradiation when tumor receives an extremely high dose during one session of irradiation. With the technology of contour radio surgery the irradiation does not cover the whole volume of the tumor but it touches only its surface.

Hopefully, the destruction of the surface coating leads to destruction of blood vessels and capillaries which feed the tumor. Not receiving blood supply tumor cells may thus transfer into the state of apoptosis which is the most harmless for organism.
If tumor borders with healthy tissue only by a part of its surface (on the body surface or on the surface of internal cavities of the body), it means that only this boundary is being irradiated. The tumor is somehow cut from the healthy tissue by the beam.
If tumor destruction takes a lot of time it becomes possible and even necessary to repeat the irradiation so that blood vessels feeding the tumor could not recover.

Contour radiosurgery allows decreasing irradiation of healthy tissues.

The offered technology of treatment is absolutely new but for now it only represents the physical possibility and demonstrate? the unicue capabilities of our facility. Of course medical testing of this idea is necessary.