Oncological diseases and beam therapy.

The society suffers great economical and moral losses on treatment and care of oncological patients.
Today’s statistics indicates that from 20 to 30% of people die from oncological diseases.

Surgery treatment requires a big number of highly qualified specialists which is more labor-intensive and painful but the treatment efficiency depends on surgeon’s qualification.

Chemotherapy is extremely expensive and does not guarantee the recovery, it only retards the growth of the tumor, and what is more, it has a lot of side effects.

Beam therapy which appeared about 100 years ago with discovery of X-rays (1 generation), later- Gamma sources (2 generation) and afterwards- electron accelerators (3 generation) is widely used in treatment of majority of tumor localization and represents the most high-tech method. Due to highly automated process of therapy, a special personnel training is not required. However, the efficiency of beam therapy today , in average, forms 50%.

In recent years beam therapy was completed with new technologies- IMRT, Gamma knife, Cyber knife. In these technologies Gamma irradiation is used in a far more effective way. The percentage of positive results is noticeably higher, though it does not mean the full recovery.

Our new technology allows increasing positive result of treatment up to 100%.

It is also important to note that modern beam therapy in civilized countries is used in 60-70% of all cases of treatment of oncological diseases.

Beam therapy is not used in cases when the tumor is situated too close to critical organs which may be hurt during irradiation. When it comes to radio resistant tumors which require high doses of irradiation or when cancer is not precisely located.
Our technology allows greater possibilities of using the beam therapy and it may count up to 90% of all cases of oncological diseases.