State of affairs  (November 2016)


The medical approval for head and neck was received in November 2015 (for Russian Federation) and therapy process started on our facility in Protvino. Now the medical approval for other locations is being processed.


Another facility has been assembled in Obninsk. The treatment is planned for the end of 2016.


In 2008 our facility was installed in MIT (Boston) and after 3 years of comprehensive testing it was transported to McLaren, where a proton therapeutic center had been built specially for this purpose. 

In March 2014 FDA was received.


In 2015 our facility was brought to MGH (Boston).


At present both (McLaren and MGH) installations are functioning in acceleration mode.


Assemblage and medical adjustments of American production part are being  carried out in both hospitals.


New supply contracts  for five installations were created.